Friday, April 20, 2012

Hair models... they were a blast to work with..

If you are looking for spring portraits and looking for something different, check out my work and give me a call 618.789.1738

Cassie's photo session

Briley's photo session

She is just the cutest thing...
Excited for my photo shoot tomorrow with the Lowery Family!

Tara & Donnie

A few of my favorite shots from Tara & Donnie's wedding

Katie's photo session

Some of my favorites from Katie's session

My passion for photography

My interest, LOVE and PASSION for photography started very early in my life. From the first moment I started shooting photos, I knew this was my calling and I immediately put into motion what I had to do to make this my life long career.

I LOVE everything about photography, the energy, the emotion , the simple ness of a new born baby, the determination of a child, a families love is so rewarding.

I consider my photography more then just pictures. I consider what I do a piece of art.

I am building my business with dedication, pure talent and creative energy. My collection of art evokes a simplistic and elegant presentation that my clients crave. I see the intriguing elements of photography through a different lens that most.

When I started smiles4uphotography I wanted to be a visionary location style photographer featuring innovative photography. A photographer with more unique, elegant and urban style. I feel I am on my way to my goal showcasing my photography in a more artistic and contemporary way.

I classify my business as a unique style  which translates into a business that serves all clients equally. My obsession with photography and my fresh outlook brings a new element into the shoot. My passion for bring out the best in my clients pushes me to create the best.

Portrait photography has come so far since I began in this industry, but once thing that remains true is how valuable your photographs are…  Don’t entrust just anyone to document these events that can never be recreated it’s simply too important